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Baseball Sites
Baseball Gauge
 This site uses 3 differente Metrics, which are used to gauge a player's productivitiy. No ONE statistic is perfect, nor can it quantify all aspects of the game. These statistics should be used as a starting point in evaluating a player. Your choices are: 
Baseball Reference
 The preeminent baseball statistic site. If you want to know statistics for a player, team or season, this is the place to go! 
Major League Baseball
 The official major league baseball site. The gateway for baseball news and links to teams. 
The Baseball Guru
 Vast baseball resource. Data archive. Famous baseball web tour. Free games. Trivia, bookstore and research help. 
Baseball LIbrary
 The Home of Baseball History 
Harball Times
 The Hardball Times (THT) is a robust baseball website, featuring outstanding commentary, analysis and research -- not a blog but an edited online daily magazine. The site was founded in 2004 by Aaron Gleeman and Matthew Namee (Bill James’ research assis 
Yahoo! MLB Baseball
 Yahoo's coverage of MLB 
CBS Sports MLB
 CBS coverage of MLB 
 ESPN's coverage of MLB 
 Rotoworld's coverage of MLB combined with impact on fantasy leagues 
 News, rumors, historical data and fantasy baseball analysis 
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SOMers Users Sites
SOMers Salutes Lou Brissie
 Lou Brissie's Page on Baseball Reference promoting SOMers 
Quest for the Best
 The Quest for the Best Baseball League. Follow the action -- standings, box scores, recaps & background about the teams. 
Rich D's 32 Team Tournament
 32 of the Greatest Teams of All Time battling it out tournament style. 
Atmosneal's Gonzo's Great All Time Players League
 user ID: guest pw: Pinella 
Richmond Strat-o-Matic Baseball League
 Going strong for over 25 years now. All cards and dice, all face to face. Fathers, sons, and grandsons playing in the league. Continous ownership, 20 teams, with 15 players proteced after each season. -- Suggested By: Tomthebomb 
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Stratomatic Sites
The Stratomatic Game Company
 The Stratomatic Game Company site. Learn about upcoming game developments, purchase products and more! 
Seamhead's SOM 50th Anniversary League
 The Strat-O-Matic 50th anniversary replay league boasts a mixture of all-time great teams such as the 1927 Yankees and 1970 Orioles, and very good teams, two of which, the 2001 Diamondbacks and 2005 Astros, will be managed by former major league players 
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Stratomatic Web Forums
Baseball Village
 The Stratomatic Baseball Village, a forum that discusses Stratomatic Baseball. 
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